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Thread: some psychedelic art

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    some psychedelic art

    Heyyy old friends. Been a while 🎵.

    I'm back to see if anyone would benefit from seeing some of my art I've made since I left the site. I'm trying to buy some new art supplies but as a student, funds are low. If you like anything prints and originals are all available. If not I hope the view is at least entertaining!

    I'm sure some of you psychonauts will enjoy.Jon Helander - Prints Available - Album on Imgur
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    Re: some psychedelic art

    Your draws are great.
    Why don't you continue to upload some more in here ?

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    Re: some psychedelic art

    saw the psychedelic art you draw; it's wonderful.. Can you please upload and share more of your psychedelic arts here?

    Thanks in advance..
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