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Thread: Weed Dipped in Embalming Fluid?

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    Weed Dipped in Embalming Fluid?

    I heard someone talking about it the other day and I was wondering if this is possible? Or could embalming fluid just be a term for PCP?

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    Check This topic VerusDeus posts your answer.

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    No this is no PCP, what I do believe is that it is an Urban Myth.
    You can also smear tigerbalm on your joint, wich will make it taste minty, but not get you higher then normal.

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    I've heard of people actually smoking weed dipped in embalming fluid. Sounds dumb to me though.
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    It works best if you dip your dick in it not the joint .

    The someone you heard was talking bullshit..............VERY DANGEROUS BULLSHIT .
    If in doubt double the dose

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    They also had this bullshit in Six Feet Under where this one guy steals embalming fluid and sells it in school. Another guy then apparently smokes a joint with it and goes totally nuts.

    Usually they didn't tell bullshit about drugs in Six Feet Under, once Claire and her friends from art school take AMT and their reaction looks very believable.

    I guess the embalming fluid myth just fit too nicely with the funeral home story...

    The term "embalming fluid" is also slang for the psychoactive drug PCP, and possibly other dissociatives. Confusion over this usage has led misled anti-drug speakers to condemn the use of, and drug users to mistakenly use, actual embalming fluid.
    from Wikipedia:
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