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Thread: How far can you go?

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    I freaked the other day by doing the same. Although it wasn't my intention, I was just half asleep when I poured the coffee; cofee for 10, water for one...

    I was dancing psytrance and writing an essay that ended up being one of the most maddening of them all; almost impossible to read yet lovely and full of massive kinetics.

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    Re: How far can you go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brugmansia View Post
    It made me think, would it be possible to keep smoking and smoking bags the entire day and build up so much THC in the blood that you fall in a sort of delirium?

    I mean a situation like this, have 100 gram pot. Start with smoking after yo˙ woke up and sit in the chair to smoking the entire day while drinking water to prevent dehydration. Pure smokes of course.

    i gone a day smoking 10g after the first 3gram i didnt get anymore stoned that was of high quality bud

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    Re: How far can you go?

    You can overdose on water too. It's rare but there are cases in history of people drinking water to death (and no, I don't mean drowning). I've never been sick from too much weed, but I have had a few too many glasses of water, washed my electrolytes away, and felt pretty bad nausea. I also had a friend dehydrate from eating too many pretzels so badly that he required an ambulance. He's actually done this twice in his life. I always tell him that would be possibly the most shameful way to die.

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