I had a strange trip last night after smoking some hash, wanted some advice...

about 5-10 minutes after I smoked I was really light headed and dizzy I was sat down, then I started to see psychedelic patterns coming towards me in a constant stream(closed Eyes) they were changing, evolving and I felt like I was spinning backwards over and over again, I remember Thinking .."this is it I'm going" and "finally it's time" it was a bit frightening.

Then all of a sudden I kind of snapped out of it with a jolt and I was back in control again, It happened again about an hour later but not as intense. Felt kind of better/ refreshed !

I've been trying to break through for a long time and was wondering if this means I'm getting closer, I've tried Peyote & San Pedro before but it wasn't like this, as scary as that was, I seemed to be still me or in my body but last night felt like I was heading off somewhere else, I was also wondering if there was something wrong with me physically..dehydrated hungry , low blood pressure ? cos. It doesn't normally go like that when I smoke, but I have been having a break from smoking regularly to make it more intense when i do.

Any thoughts welcome !