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Thread: Quiting cannabis

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    Quiting cannabis

    OK people,

    I am gonna put myself naked at the present here. I am “different” and I learned to walk with smoking cannabis. Asking questions about my own usage and I smoke around 20g’s a month. Noticed that if I don’t smoke it, I smoke way more nicotine than average and I get sick. In combination of black coffee this is a killer. I am autistic and smoking cannabis neutralizes my “illness”. Though it is not consistent and after seeing pro’s I started taking meds in a low dose and started to feel a whole lot better. Feels as if I can walk without my smoke but I end up smoking it anyway.

    Are there people out here that took attempts in quitting cannabis and have they prevailed?
    If so, could it be too much to ask to share your insight? If not don’t hesitate and get it out.


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    Re: Quiting cannabis

    Hello Buddy! I am a french user but I will do my best in English for you to understand.
    I have taken a lot of attempts in stopping cannabis and I noticed that each time I would fail, I would feel even more bad with myself by proving I can't hold my promise. First of all stopping cannabis is a decision you take when you are sure you can stop. The decision for me was taken because it would bring alot of anxiety problems and I use to smoke alot after LSD bad trips to help go better but it would only get me worse. So i had an actual reason to stop!
    I am at one month for the moment and it wasnt too hard, you just need to get away from smoking friends for a bit
    Hope this helps

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    Re: Quiting cannabis

    I was on the same situation like “Extrananut”. I know it is quite difficult to leave smoking addiction of cannabis. People always recommended consulting with someone professional. But as per my experience, it never helps you if you don’t have will power and determination. To leave smoking cannabis, it takes me almost one month and after that I feel more relaxed.

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