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Thread: Thread Necromancy Rules etc ?

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    Thread Necromancy Rules etc ?

    Jjust wanted to know what would be Considered Necromancy on this site ? Reviving threads that are months idol, years etc

    Videos, Music and Links

    There were a lot of threads here but a few of them had last post dates of 2015 so i havnt bothered with posting replies. but ones from l8 2016 ill prolly reply on.

    I just want to know for future reference what is considered Necromancy here ty .

    EDIT : TY for response didnt reply coz felt it would be against rules of quickly getting 20 posts etc etc. and good to know have a good one Sludge.
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    Re: Thread Necromancy Rules etc ?

    If you really have someting to add, or a real question to ask, don't bother, you can revive old topics.
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