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Thread: what does the astral plane look like?

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    what does the astral plane look like?

    so i'm really fascinated by the concept of parallel dimensions and am constantly searching for an accurate visual representation of this strange, impenetrable and infinitely complex universe(s). i realize it's almost impossible to accurately portray the ether as it basically defies description or even artistic expression. however, i made a sketch in ms paint that is as close a representation of what my experience in the beyond was like (the beyond being breakthrough experiences with acid and salvia, as these are the only two substances that showed me a world beyond vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and breathing walls). my picture looks a bit matrix-y and is void of color because i realize that i don't really remember what color(s) were represented. it was almost as if they were colors that do not exist in our world and can only be "seen" with the third eye or something. while in this hyperspace i could feel a powerful "strain" or "force", almost like walking against some high speed astral wind.

    as for the "sound" of the beyond, the closest representation that i've heard was achieved by the band tangerine dream in their more experimental years (the 'zeit' album, in particular), the krautrock band cluster, and klaus schulze's 'irrlicht' album. Sort of this oppressive, heavy droning/distorted mellotron and organ-like sound. No melody or anything, it was like the sound of a pulsating wave of energy.

    what are some common themes of other peoples' experiences in the beyond?

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    Re: what does the astral plane look like?

    awesome pic, maybe over the weekend I'll make an attempt at my experiences on DMT... I've had that type of experience you drew on low dose of shrooms with my eyes shut... it's a lovely feeling of nostalgia
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    Re: what does the astral plane look like?

    Damn nice portray. I have had a darker N,N-DMT experience which corresponds almost literally with the concept you drew. Like seeing the shiverings of the strings in flickering contours in a dark universe which is my conscioussness within having connection with the external reality. To me it's actually the deepest frequence one can perceive, if going deeper through the ingestion of DMT or mushrooms it reaches the level of utter nothingness and amnesia.

    I'm actually curious about smoking 5-MEO-DMT, it sets the colour patterns background leaving more space to get a brighter glitch of what's going on on a metaphysical level. It teleported Shulgin to one of his very rare ++++ experiences. ... al38.shtml

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    Re: what does the astral plane look like?

    I'm actually curious about smoking 5-MEO-DMT
    Me too, for the same reasons you mentioned.

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