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Thread: Awareness: Promoting Safe Drug Use

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    Awareness: Promoting Safe Drug Use

    Hello, I am Aaron Coulson and I am supporting safer drug use within the festival scene in Australia. I am looking to get this organisation up and running by the start of 2018. I know there is an organisation like this within the US and other places but in Australia I have never came across such a thing

    Why am i doing this?
    I am an advocate for safe drug usage, the amount of deaths by overdose are still rising and if we don't do anything about it, it will just keep on rising and that is why I am here.

    What is Awareness?
    Awareness is a group that is dedicated on promoting and informing party goers about safe drug use, don't get this confused with promoting drug use, we in no way promote drug usage but we are here for those who want to consume substances and want them to do it safely.

    How will this goal be achieved?
    The goal of informing and promoting safer drug use in the festival scene will be achieved through promotion and word of mouth from other party goers, I believe everyone wants to know that what they are doing is somewhat safe and what they expected, all in all the goal would be achieved by simply having a presence in the festival scene and becoming a known source to learn about substances.

    As we are looking to do this for the good of the festival scene we are providing all services free of charge.
    Services include
    Adulterant Screening (aka "Pill Testing")
    Water & Electrolytes
    Unbiased facts on drugs & drug use questions
    Ear Plugs (for those who want to sleep)
    Brochure for each popular substance found at Festivals describing how they affect you're brain, safe dosages and general information.

    Thank you for taking your time to read through this our Facebook directions are located at the bottom of the page you will also find our mycause webpage if you would like to donate to our cause. once again thankyou very much!

    you can find us on facebook by searching AwarenessAU
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    Re : Awareness: Promoting Safe Drug Use

    If you're really up to putting up something like that in Australia, then I wish you the best =)

    Maybe you will find this a little bit stupid, but, in order to protect yourself against future arguments that anti-drug-use persons could give, and to protect users by giving them a more accurate information, especially noobies who are enthusiastic and not aware of the dangers, if I were in your shoes I would call myself an advocate for safER drug use. As there is no safe drug use, for real, and even less in the mind of those who could try to stop you from succeeding in advocating anything positive on the subject.
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    Re: Awareness: Promoting Safe Drug Use

    I think you have a very good advocate regarding safe drug use.. Wish you the best and hope you achieved the goal of Awareness.
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