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    If you ask me what we need is someone, well more like a small group at the top to push for legalization. We need people in congress that are well informed on marijuana, they know the benefits and the drawbacks alike. It is not enough to put information out on the net that is accessible to everyone; only people actively seeking this information will find it. So those that are misinformed will never change their minds on cannabis and most likely ever seek out the truth. This brings me back to having people in congress with influence to bring about change. We need to attack this issue attack this issue at the top. Having lawmakers on our side to change other congressmen's stance i believe is the most effective strategy to take. Of course though its never that easy, people after all pigheaded.

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    Re: Leadership

    I'm pretty sure a LOT less people are "misinformed" than you think. There is just a ton of stigma surrounding recreational cannabis use. Unfortunately, a lot of cannabis abuse resides in the teenage generation. And some concerned parents and caregivers are taking this just a bit too seriously (IMO). True pot users, (not abusers), keep it to themselves.. smoke in their "free" time and usually have no issue with authority. Things like dropping grades and absences in school motivate parents to create these stigmas. But there IS reason behind it. Students shouldn't spend their lunch breaks smoking up and going to class stoned (even though it is fun). Having been in that position.. all i can report is; the stuff they say about kids and pot,, is ALMOST always true.

    Sure you wont die from it. And hell, its a lot better than a filthy cigarette habit. Don't even get me started about coming to school drunk!. In my opinion, the teenage population are the ones misinformed. BUT what people don't see in them, is the fact that they WILL learn from their mistakes. hopefully, sooner than later.

    anyone wanna back me up.. or is it on? :ANAL: :butthead: :finga:

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    Re: Leadership

    To the OP;
    Pot being illegal isn't because of Congress, it's bigger than that, a lot bigger. I covered this in this thread:


    The thread began as a discussion of the Large Hadron Collider, but evolved into a much broader one, encompassing the totality of human nastiness, whether it was Hitler gassing the Jews, or Big Oil conspiring to divorce the people from the land, which was what the marijuana criminalization was really all about.

    It's about two distinctly separate visions for humanity, one of cooperation and equality, and one of domination, deceit, and death.


    "condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"

    Albert Einstein

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    Re: Leadership

    It's about two distinctly separate visions for humanity, one of cooperation and equality, and one of domination, deceit, and death.

    not true at all, a slow introduction of cannabis can be acheived, by dropping classificaton, enabling more police to control it's accent, lowing penaltys though the justice system.
    keeping control perameters on it isn't to much to ask!

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    Re: Leadership

    we need politicians, who are not earning tons of money for themselves, by being professional liars. :vom: :butthead:
    i'm so disgusted by the world of today..

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    Re: Leadership

    fuckk that. fuck the a medical reason

    we need freedom. freedom, as adults, to do what the fuck we want with OUR OWN BODIES

    homeless gladiator matches, brothel commercials on tv... freedom
    (i'm being serious)

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