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Thread: Send your $10 to the TaxCannabis Campaign in California

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    Send your $10 to the TaxCannabis Campaign in California

    the website is and if you choose you can click on "Contribute".

    in the past i had my personal differences with some of the language in the TaxCannabis initiative, but good people like Richard Lee (the dude is crippled in a wheelchair and fears nothing) have invested much of their own resources into this and it really is the best shot we have right now.

    while no single individual can do it alone, if enough of us push the same direction at the same time perhaps we can move a mountain. but we won't know the answer to that question for sure, unless YOU throw your back into it! this is what we call- THE TIPPING POINT. heave-HO brothers and sisters!

    also if you are in California or know folks who live there- make sure as many people as possible remember to vote Yes in November...

    Hell, don't vote in your home state this year- instead register to vote in CA (tell 'em you squat in the woods in a tent!) while you're on vacation this summer and then vote Yes in November by absentee ballot! you know our enemies at Diebold and Co will be doing MUCH WORSE. spread the word, put your back into it...
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    Re: Send your $10 to the TaxCannabis Campaign in California


    Even though i can't vote in the States, please, please, please Oh Sweet Cali, VOTE YES!

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