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Thread: Complete legalization of marijuama in Arkansas

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    Complete legalization of marijuama in Arkansas

    I have come up with a strategy to get marijuana completely legalized in the State of Arkansas. I sent a letter to the governor and started a petition. If we can get up to 100 signatures, it could spark a voting campaign to legalize marijuana in the state of Arkansas! after that, only 50% or more of Arkansas has to vote yes, and then it's legal! Please help us in this vote campaign and sign our petition! Follow this link to do so. ... _marijuana

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    Re: Complete legalization of marijuama in Arkansas

    I see that it has gotten more than a hundred signatures. I tried signing but it's saying that the signing period has already lapsed.

    Any update on this? I'm interested to know because I want to know how governors generally think about this issue.

    Also, I think you would have gotten more support if you used the term, "medical marijuana" instead of just marijuana. It makes it more acceptable. Taking baby steps is the key.
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