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Thread: Legalization strategies

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    Legalization strategies

    1- Convince a lot of drug users to do all their possible to move in a country where laws on drugs are the weakest (Holland for example) and do their possible to convince people that drugs are not that bad so that most of the people get pro-drugs and that politicians follow on pressures and legalize.
    2-Just keeping on, Internet now provides real infos on drugs and a lot of people start to realize they are not that bad and that we have been lied since we were born.
    3-Find a way to make genetically modified plants that produce drugs, which souldn't be that hard with right equiepments, and spread hundreds of wild mass growing plants over the world so that people realize by themselves.
    4-Wait for Jesus to come back and ask him to raise pure LSD mountains all over the Earth.

    Seriously, I vote for 3. But medicine is so corrupted that people there will never do such experiments, but we can try to convince some scientists to do the jog

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    Re: Legalization strategies

    You know. I almost wanna say 4 might actually happen... I would say it would but I'm not that kind of prophet and I wont say it wont because I think in the eyes of God anything is possible.

    Its the dreaming and keeping to the dream of 4 that make 1, 2, and 3 even possible or worth working towards.

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    Re: Legalization strategies


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    Re: Legalization strategies

    I truly feel cheap for reading the string and seeing an ad.
    "From a certain point onward there
    is no longer any turning back. That
    is the point that must be reached." - Franz Kafka

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    Re: Legalization strategies

    you don't have to move to another country.
    the way I see it, the internet is the most powerful tool we have we can communicate and strategize.
    I am looking my whole life to find a solution and I am trying to spread the message by art on my site selling t-shirts.
    It's not easy what we have to do but it is important.
    if psychedelics were legal more people could find inner peace and free their mind from this shit world.
    Spread the message by art.
    -Terence Mckenna
    I suggest everyone do the same and try to enjoy doing it :) here's my work

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