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Thread: A Protest Song

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    A Protest Song

    Hi just a quick introduction.

    I posted a video on youtube of my protest song. If you notice the blood all over the guitar. My point was so that if anyone ever asked I could tell this story.

    I'm a schizo. two years ago or so I was forced to stop smoking weed by the Fayeteville TN justice system. 3 weeks later I was hospitalized for my first suicide attempt. The point was to kind of say... There can be blood on my guitar because I'm having so much FUN. Or there can be blood in a bible (like last time), and me on my way to the hospital. Yes I was on mushrooms the night I shot the video thank god. I can never find em and I never could. got lucky.. Let's not go spouting off about though. I have child...

    Not to sound arrogant though people say I do. I couldn't be more the opposite. here's the link.

    I ya. I also linked the book I wrote because. I'm running out of money pretty quick waiting on disability. I think I'll be ok. But I hate to have to run out of "wizard Smoke" again.

    Also, If anybody wanted to play this at a protest feel free. That would be GREAT!

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    Re: A Protest Song

    Would be nice if it was not private... on another note, keep yourself in check and don't hurt yourself or others. If you can do that without a padded cell use what others would say is an issue to explore alternate solutions to common problems. You might find that what others label a disease is actually a gift!

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