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Thread: Why do people take destructive drugs?

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    Re: Why do people take destructive drugs?

    as someone struggling with addiction, i started using because iwas a curious person. heroin was just awesome. ive always liked opiates...... im on methadone now and free from all other opiates for almost a year!

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    Re: Why do people take destructive drugs?

    There are different reasons why people may become addicts. It is well known that (childhood) trauma is one reason.
    People may taken drugs to self medicate or to numb the (physical psychological) pain.

    Why do people have destructive behavior? I think that destruction is the easy way. It is more easy to destroy then to create.

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    Re: Why do people take destructive drugs?

    I tried both cocaine and meth once, and realized that I'm a very very anti stimulant guy.
    Meth is supposed to make people crave and addicted after single use.

    It didn't gave me a buzz, it hardly made me high, and I even took a higher dose then normal. All it did was cause me to not being able to feel tired for days in a row, without anything positive to it.
    I can't even imagine people get addicted to this stuff, my body doesn't accept it as a positive contribution, and I'm quite happy about it. The same accounts for cocaine, but atleast that did gave me a buzz.

    Basically all non psychedelic drugs exempt neurotransmitters in the brain that are there naturally for a reason. Which is why the long term effects of drug abuse lead to aggressive mental behaviours. It are short term chemicals that allow one to feel good and escape all their personal challenges which in turn ruins their social and civil life.

    Why do people do it, mind you that I am under the impression that I'm going to sound like a stereo typical pre judge.
    But many of the "hard drug" users are not very smart,
    They may have intellectual and spiritual potential, but the way society is setup, theres nobody that guides most of these people, and that reality is in fact sad to say the least.
    If you are not social, intellectual or spiritually strong, in any of 3 areas or all 3, you have very little judgement and life to these people is regarded as a playground without rules, and without conscious about caring for themselves.

    I hope that reality is going to be tweaked one day for the good, and when it does you'll see alot less coke and meth heads walking around, I guarantee you.

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    Re: Why do people take destructive drugs?

    Here are some of the reasons young people have given for taking drugs:

    • To fit in
    • To escape or relax
    • To relieve boredom
    • To seem grown up
    • To rebel
    • To experiment

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