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Thread: Come down after shrooms?

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    Come down after shrooms?

    Yesterday I took a slightly higher dose of shrooms than usual. Mainly stayed in bed and had a great time looking at the ceiling, falling in and out of sleep, laughing heartily, and figuring things out. After the effects wore off I was chatting with friends online and making great conversation, like the feeling you get that "all cylinders are firing" until I started to feel tired and went for a nap.

    The nap turned into about half an hour of on and off crying, about things which I'm normally not even that concerned about. "This is bizzare" I said to myself before each new wave of sobs hit me. it wore off quickly and everything was back to normal.

    Is this something which happens often with shrooms or was it perhaps just a one-off? All comments and suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: Come down after shrooms?

    Yeah that's what shrooms do, nothing unusual at all^^
    [= Indolik]

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    Re: Come down after shrooms?

    Good to hear you spend some time with yourself just thinking. I like that.
    The world is a depressing place, everyone has hang ups, and it takes courage to face all that.

    Some people would fritter the whole trip away...playing video games, being online, or mindlessly chit chatting through a powerful psychotropic experience.

    But, to me it's like buying a Lamborghini for running errands around town.
    What a waste of potential! 'The right tools for the right job'. Etc Etc.

    Having said that, I've never had on and off...seemingly uncontrollable... crying.

    But, some dark and depressing stuff has definitely risen to the surface.
    Count on that. I'd stay away from the news and the internet, that's for sure!
    You're in a very vulnerable, impressionable place and, lets be honest, much of the internet is a cesspool.
    Sometimes, one thing can spin you out in a totally different direction, even after you've distanced yourself from it.

    'Set and Setting'----> The #1 concept that'll determine whether you fathom hell or soar angelic.
    And, 'setting' is the easy one.
    Nicholas Carr, The Shallows, Chapter 7.

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    Re: Come down after shrooms?

    i've had the crying before. it's as if riding a wheel of fortune made of emotion. one literally hits every stop on the way around and keeps going round and round. it's a very powerful trans formative experience.
    cannabis is an entheogen too!

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