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Thread: HBWR and Syrian Rue seeds

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    HBWR and Syrian Rue seeds

    I am planning in the next few weeks to take HBWR and Syrian Rue seeds. I plan on grinding both seeds into a fine powder, and then putting some HBWR and Syrian Rue in a gelcap. I was wondering how much of each would go in each gelcap. Or better yet, what ratio would go into each gelcap. Also I don't know wat size gelcaps I would be using, just regular one that are a little bigger than asprin pill. Also how many gelcaps would i roughly have to take, because of the MAIO it would forsure intensify it, plus each cap will proabably hold around 1-2 seeds grinded and some MAIO. Thanks, if anyone has experienced this could you share it, and how intense it was. thanks ill let you know how it goes if i figure this stuff out.

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    I would take a part of the syrian reu an hour or so before the hbwr and a part together with the hbwr, but be carefull with this combi, best to start on a low dose and see wat happens and work your way up, somtimes maoi and other subtances could make a potential dangerous combination, dont know about maoi and hbwr.
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    As the man sad, you can't combine Rue with HBW in gel caps. Only if you have method how to make HBW to have con tin effect. Try to make one gel cap with rue and than by prescription to take HBW one hour after. I do not know if you are trying to make in yours city cheap new combine psychedelic.

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