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    How can I find out the file extension of the Wikileaks Insurance file I downloaded? I downloaded the Wikileaks Insurance file off of a torrent website. I've read everywhere that the file has the extension aes256. However the file I downloaded doesn't display an extension, even if I ask windows explorer to show all file extensions. The file type is shown simply as "File". The size of the file is 1.38 GB which sounds about right.. but how can I verify that it is indeed the Wikileaks Insurance file?

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    Re: wikileaks

    You probably have the wikileaks document, but you can't read it yet!

    The file is encrypted with aescrypt(Advanced Encryption Standard) if the us is going to prosecute Julian they are going to release the encryption key, so anyone can open the file with aescrypt...
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    Re: wikileaks

    I don't understand, I thought this insurance file was decrypted in August 2011?

    EDIT: Sorry, actually it was the unredacted version of the Cablegate data, not the insurance file.

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