Hey Everyone, just had my first Salvia experience about an hour ago and I gotta tell you, it was pretty cool. First off I'm about 6' 3" 280 lbs, a big fella. Ive done mushrooms 4 or 5 times before and had a blast with them. The person I tripped with kept having bad trips so i started to use them alone, but the fourth of fifth time i got some mold with them, got sick and only tripped lightly. That was the only connection I had to mushrooms and after that he stopped selling them and ever since i been anxious for the day me and the shrooms meet again. About a week ago however, I got the strangest impulse to try some Salvia and started doing some more research on it. I had been interested in Salvia before but was a little turned off by the number of bad trip reports you can find online, apparently a lot more than bad shroom or acid trip reports. but being that i had handle shrooms pretty good I figured I would experiment slowly, so i bought some 5x and received 3 days later. When I got it i didn't know what to do, Ill admit, I was scared. Everyone keeps saying its nothing like mushrooms so I suddenly realized I had no idea what i was about to get myself into.

I put it away for like three days, trying to think of someone I trusted enough to be my sitter. Today I remembered how a good friend of mine is always complaining about how he has such a high tolorance for drugs, hes always telling me how he would love to try mushrooms or acid. So I went over his house, gave him a quick explination of the plant, a little history and smoking instructions. showed him a few youtube videos to give him some idea of what was about happen to him and using him as a ginney pig sent him on his way, he was more than willing ofcourse. Setting is his kitchen, time around 1:00pm, mood relaxed but a tad bit nervous. Sitting around his kitchen table I pack a small pipe hand it to him and he fired away. I see that he takes about 3 small succesive hits instead of one big one, so thinking that he had done it wrong i start packing another one and tell him to hand me the pipe so he can do it right. As he is letting out the smoke he says no, hearing him saying no to a drug immedietly let me know something wasnt right with him. He stays quiet for about ten seconds before bursting out in uncontrolable laughter. I was relieved that one: he was having a good time and two: it seemed to be official stuff. He laughs for about 2 or 3 minutes and starts rubbing his face has if hes drewling but hes not. I could tell he was out of it. Then still laughing all he kept saying is "why is everything so..." and he kept waving his hands left and right, as if his whole world was on a swing set. Then, just as fast as he went up he came down, he got serious and said "ok,.. im ok.." then said "wait..... no im ok"

After seeing the good time that he had I was anxious to go in, but to my dissapointment my first hit did absoloutly nothing. I figured since I am alot bigger maybe I needed 2 hits. I decide to let my friend get another hit and send him right back out into outter space, this time, after laughing for a few minutes he kept on telling me that he could tell that he was tripping because he felt as if he was there but his high was somewhere a bit lower than him, he said he couldn't really explain what it was like though. So I pack my bowl for it a second try. After exhaling and getting no effect I got a bit angry and quickly loaded up another one and hit it extra hard. My friend was staring at me smiling and he begins to ask " Are you feeling....." but before he could finish I throw the lighter on the table and he starts laughing saying " Yeah you feel it!" I start to smile because the fat under my arms feels floaty but at the same time as if it is being stretched backwards, I go "Oh shit! there we go!" at this point i get a subtle feeling that I am standing at the edge of all of reality, and all that is behind me is darkness and void. At the same time I feel a slight pull toward this void, but I'm pretty calm and laughing, I didn't get as scared as I would have imagined I would have been If I was really being pulled into a void, i knew I was tripping and the pulling was gentle and actually a pretty good sensation. This lasted about 5 minutes and when i came back to my friend told me that I was doing a running motion with my arms, probably trying to ecape the void but i dont remember doing this motion, all i remember is sitting there enjoying the sensation. After coming down me and my friend traded stories and even though he had a much stronger trip than I did, I still enjoyed it. Being that it was my first time I'm happy with the results, I got the effects I was looking for with none of the transdimentional entities or vortex whirlpools that you read about in so many bad trip reports. My next time i will definetly step it up a notch and take three succesive hits and see where I go from there. But I will most likely keep it 5x for a while, don't see any need to go that far with it to gain insight.