Hello. Have had some Salvia for several years lying around. Bought it just before it was illegalized here in Sweden (2006).

So I smoked some in a bong tonight.

Some information:
Substance(s)/Dose I don't know,
- Experience pot, speed, and some other junk (anything really 10 years ago),
- Bodyweight 66 kg
- Age 24

So I was alone, 22.30 in the garden at my fathers house. Actually I sat on the "porch". There is really tall trees there.
I took a testhit but just felt slightly odd, and I stood up and walked around and found myself thinking: "This is unlike me. I wouldnt normally do this." (Standing up and walking around.)
So I filled my net/bowl to the rim ( really small net/bowl). And took the biggest hit I could. I started counting and got to 6 or something when it started being difficult to count. I had no real idea how long a second was. Well, I continued and when I got to 25 or so the trees started flowing like waves. So I looked up in the sky and asked God - "HOW MUCH DOES IT TAKE?" I continued counting to 37 and then I couldnt take it. Since this was my testride I didnt really want to take another hit.
Then I hid my bong in the garden ( I'm paranoid) ,sneaked inside thehouse, door locked, and lied down on the couch. I wasnt really in a meditative state this evening so I had a lot of tension. I started with some breathing techniques.
Next time I will do this prior to smoking.
Well, no hallucinations, but I didnt expect that on x5, just one hit. But I really got right down to some basic emotions which predominates my life and I saw them in a new light. Actually its hard to recall what I thought since it was so much different from my state of mind right now.
Oh, right, I "found" some really heave power inside myself. I dont want to be too personal but some nononsense rebel inside me woke up. And when I went back to the city again I got totally different responses from people. Because I had changed.
Yeah, this power inside me. I will search for that in coming trips.

OK, so anyway, what I've learned from this:
It works.
Take more than 1 hit ( if on x5). Maybe 2-3 I don't know...
Have a nice setting ( it was slighly annoying running around searching for a more cozy place. did this 3 times, and missed out on the best of the high.
Just chill. I wouldnt use it for entertainment, although it is entertaining. As someone wrote in another post, use it for healing/meditation.

Feel free to comment on this report, I know it is not the best, it's my first one.